Italy has felt alone and sad for a while, and when Germany notices their feelings for each other flourish, creating their brand-new relationship. Read GerIta (Germany x Italy) from the story Hetalia: The Book of Smut by hetaliatrashx (SweDONE) with reads. lemon, yaoi, oneshot. A/N- I apologize if G. It is also commonly referred to as Gertalia and Gerita (from both Germany and Italy or Italia). The pairing is also known as 枢軸お花夫婦 (Suujiku Ohana Fuufu).

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All was chaos and confusion; in the mass of blood and bodies, through the screams and explosions, how could he hope to find one petite brunette? Head cocked in confusion, North Italy tugged the German back. He, of course, hadn't minded that so much. Remove the custom ad blocker rule s and the page will load as expected. Germany was part of the Roman Empire like all Europe. It sounded more like a moan this time. Italy said as he turned to leave.

Gerita - free

Ice-blue eyes traveled around the room, the imprint of a bloody battlefield vanishing, as did the smell of rotting corpses, and gunpowder. Little is known about what happened to Germany and Italy after the events of Buon San Valentino at this time, or what happened to them in the years after the end of WWII in the series. It is speculated that Italy may love Germany, but that he also may not know the distinctions between different types of love and therefore might have a different sense of "love" for Germany than what Germany himself feels. Italy's response is that of the loyal subordinate he was during the war, saying he'll do as Germany commands, even if there are perverted intentions. I really do have a softer side than you may see me as. gerita


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